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Re: Calling all handsome accessible sites


From: Carol Foster
Date: Nov 12, 2002 7:30AM

Hi Steve,

My group's site, http://www.umass-its.net/ipg/ was designed to meet WAI
priority 1 and Section 508 as far as our resources permit. I know it does
not have captioning for a sample video, and there may be other places
where there have been some maintenance "typos". Certainly the
accessibility pages can use updating - I'm trying to get some time!

We also have a portfolio of other sites we have developed, at
http://www.umass-its.net/ipg/generic.cfm?page_name=Portfolio - these sites
were all designed to meet WAI priority 1 at least, though they too may
have some "typos". I believe the I-495 site, at
http://www.umass-i495.net/ also meets 508.

Finally, we recently released a new version of
http://www.massachusetts.edu - a Flash site with an HTML alternative,
which is mostly WAI pri. 1 and 508 compliant. The exception I know about
is a whole slew of PDFs that got added just before the site went live,
under News/Governor Swift Announces Statewide Economic Development
Report. We put up links to Adobe's automatic conversion to text, but they
need cleaning up and enhancing - there are lots of graphs and such. It's
on my list of things to get to!

I think these sites look great! We have a talented graphic designer and
others in our group with talents in that area. By the way, since I've
seen several requests for real-life examples of long descriptions, the
MITI site, at http://www.umass-miti.net/, has some, under Diagrams.

Hope that is helpful.

All the best,

Steve Vosloo wrote:

> There have been a few requests in the past by users compiling lists of
> good looking accessible sites. Does anyone if these lists are publicly
> available?
> If you have a great looking site which is accessible -- can also be a
> text-only version -- please send me the URL.
> Thanks
> Steve
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