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MM Contribute?


From: Holly Marie
Date: Nov 12, 2002 8:30AM

I am curious to see if anyone has any experience or resources on the new
Software application out by Marcromedia named Contribute.

This software allows developlers and designers to set up administrative
privelages and file permissions or limits[image sizes etc] on web sites
already in place on a server.

On the client side it allows edit and updates to the site, without
interferring with structure or markup.

It also allows the client side drag and droppability features for office
documentation like word doc files, excel, etc...
Editing and updating without needing to access or see markup or code.

I wonder about a few things on the guidelines, standards, and
accessibility fronts:

Are allowances made for client edits to use or convert?
attributes like: titles, alts, summary, etc..
Blockquotes and Quotes[cites]
Long description abilities
Conversion of excel and other tabular document data forms to
guidelines, standards, and accessibly supported tables having proper


Contribute is at
It appears there is a Flash format demo, also, that incorporates
Captioning, if needed.

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