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Automated TESTING scripts


From: MacKay, Graham (JUS)
Date: Nov 18, 2002 1:10PM


One of our developers is about to sit down to try and compile a PERL script
that will search a directory (and all subdirectories) and perform a number
of tests on each file and then return a report of the filename, line number
and error type that was found. We plan to try and include as many automated
testing procedures in this program as possible.

Just wondering if anyone out there has either defined tests that could be
automated (this would be perhaps a document of some sort) or actually
created a program/script that would check through pages for mistakes.

I want something more specific than bobby. Tests would include things

* Any use of <FONT * > (where * is a wildcard) in any page
* Make sure each document starts with <!DOCTYPE *>
* List all files that contain <MARQUEE*>


Graham MacKay
Web Developer (OIP I&IT Intern)
Enterprise Application Services
Justice Technology Services
Ministry of Public Safety and Security
The Provincial Government of Ontario

18 King Street East, 18th Floor
Toronto, ON M5C 2X1

Phone: 416.326.9993
Fax: 416.314.0216

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