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Re: complex layout tables


From: Olaf Drümmer
Date: Jan 29, 2014 12:16PM

Hi all,

> "4. Tables-based layouts are gross and make me want to take a bath whenever I look at their markup."

sometimes I wonder what the mission of some of you is:

- force everybody in the world to use a certain style you like, e.g. a coding style that's fresh, modern, elegant, …? What gives you the right to do so, or to bad-mouth styles you do not like?

or rather

- make sure that stuff out there can be accessed by everyone in a reasonable fashion

I can't see why a style that is 'gross' hinders equal access.

And: from a stylistic point of view, I find a substantial portion of accessible web sites highly awful. While I think it's OK for me to have that opinion, it is nothing that would or should be discussed on this discussion list (so if you wish to discuss **this** get in touch with me privately ;-) ).