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Re: Reading tables in JAWS


From: Ron Stewart
Date: Jan 30, 2014 1:35PM

While this is a good question, I think you might want to think a bit more
expansively to how would a screen reader process this content. JAWS is just
one of the major screen readers and evaluating against JAWS will not insure
accessibility it will test conformance with JAWS.

Ron Stewart

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Subject: [WebAIM] Reading tables in JAWS

Hi all,

I'm trying to better understand how JAWS users read tables. I have my own
expectations of what I think JAWS should do, however, these are based on how
I view the Web as a sighted user. Any insight as to how actual users of JAWS
software scan and read tables is greatly appreciated, as are any links to
additional information. (Note that I have reviewed the WebAIM information,
WCAG 2.0, various YouTube videos, and a few other random sites.)

Thank you in advance,


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