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Re: Form submission on mobile devices


From: Ann Wawrose
Date: Feb 12, 2014 9:04AM


Can you run some simple usability tests on this? Doesn¹t have to be
anything too formal, just grab some co-workers that are not on this
project, or maybe your neighbor at home and ask them to fill out the page.
If you can test this page & get some recorded feedback, it would
strengthen your argument or show that maybe the button isn¹t that
important (but I suspect you¹ll find that it is)

Would the ³invisble² submit button work if it was hidden using an
³accessibility-hidden² class that hides text from sighted users but not
screen readers?


On 2/12/14, 5:33 AM, "Sarah Ward" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>Hello fellow WebAIM Mailing-ees,
>I am looking for advice for forms on mobile devices, and in particular
>not having a submit button in the design, and instead relying on the user
>to use the keyboard to submit the form using the Return/Enter key. My gut
>instinct is this is a major accessibility concern, not just for low
>vision users, but for everyone! If the form contains any field other than
>a text entry, in most cases the keyboard disappears when focus is moved
>to that field too.
>However, we are getting pushback from the business that they do not want
>a Submit button and they want to keep the UI clean and simple. If anyone
>has experience or can direct me to a resource that explains why this is a
>poor experience I would really appreciate it. Do low vision users assume
>to press Return/Enter key if they can't find a submit button on the view?
>Unfortunately I am unable to do user testing for this, and without
>concrete evidence it is getting increasingly difficult to push for a
>change in the design.
>Thanks in advance,