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Assistive Technologies / Screen Readers & Google Analytics


From: Ravindra Kumar Jain
Date: Feb 21, 2014 1:04AM

HI all,
I have gone through sites to search if their is a definite way to track if
the person using Assistive Technology like screen reader can be
tracked using Google Analytics or any other way. Also gone through
this previous discussion @ webaim

and Stackoverflow


But till now mostly the answer is negative , as said in the above
posts that assistive technology like Screen Reader is a totally
different program altogether.
My question is this

"Can't Companies like Google (Analytics) and Screen Reader
manufacturers like Freedom Scientific (JAWS), Apple (voiceover),
nvaccess (nvda) and
Accessibility Api's Specialist like Microsoft (msaa), Linux (ATK) ,
and Apple ( Mac OS X Accessibility Protocol) come up with a solution
for tracking persons using screen readers with analytics ? "
Is it so difficult ? Is their already some work going on in this direction ?
Can't the Screen Reader manufacturers embed a code in the users system
for installing a plugin after running setup to track persons using
AT's like screen readers with google analytics?
I am sure this will definitely help a lot for everyone.

Thanks ,

Ravindra Kumar Jain