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Re: Dialog semantics and aria?


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Apr 28, 2014 8:42AM

No worries, I didn't say that role=dialog should never be used, just that
there are keyboard interaction and feedback differences to be aware of,
since this often catches screen reader users off guard.

I recommended role=region because it is supposed to provide beginning and
ending boundary text information feedback for screen reader users, though I
agree, this currently isn't working for NVDA, which there is an open bug

Regardless whether you use either method, it's the content that needs to be
accessible, and the method of rendering that is important here, so when the
dialog is rendered, the background content should be hidden properly, focus
should be set appropriately for keyboard users, the content must all be
accessible in an intuitive manner, the dialog must be closable from the
keyboard, and focus should return to the triggering element after it closes
if a triggering element is present.

The rest is just semantics.

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Hi List,

I see that this particular thread is talking about " Dialog Semantics "
and the solution that is coming out is that of inserting "role="region"". I
am sorry to disagree with the solution given by Bryan . You see , as far as
making modal windows accessible is concerned Something similar issue came
in one of the projects I've handled. first of all , I've tested what the
solution you've given by inserting code using firebug , and let me tell
you that role="region" is working quite well with JAWS in both firefox /
IE, to that extent it is getting recognized as a landmark , which in my
opinion is not a good idea as far as WAI-ARIA landmark page role taxonomy
is concerned, since if role="region" is supposed to be a landmark , then
why is not recognized as such in w3c documents ?

My Second point is that role ="region" is simply overlooked by NVDA.
So, should we totally overlook Open Source products while suggesting
accessibility solutions to the developers or wait till eternity. Will
Open Source Products catch up fast ?

I guess this is just one instance of discrepancy among the people in the
field of accessibility. Only thing which seems to be common is we all
agree to disagree.

This I guess , is a sorry state of affairs. This is how I will describe the

<blockquote> Instead of crossing the ocean of Inaccessibility by
travelling in a huge ship of Accessibility under the strong leadership of
W3C, different User Agent Vendors , Corporations , Companies manufacturing
Assistive Technologies like Screen Reders etc. are travelling in their
own small small boats. You can imagine and smile at what is bound to
happen. Will their be a day when people industry wide are going to agree
and collaborate on atleast
one thing and that is "Accessibility" ? </blockquote>

I think Mr. Tim Berners Lee will be more than happy that day.

Thanks ,

Ravindra Kumar Jain
Accessibility Engineer
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