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Re: Dialog semantics and aria?


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Apr 30, 2014 9:19AM

This question would probably be good to ask on the public WAI list, since it
relates to W3C documentation. I suspect the tabindex=0 scenario was added to
account for a dialog that has no other active elements within it, but this
shouldn't be the case in practice for any situation I can think of.

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Thanks everyone for this helpful discussion.

Any thoughts on why the ARIA Authoring practices guide suggests tabindex=0
on the document content area of an alertdialog? If there is nothing to
interact with, why set tabindex to 0?


It's in the WAI-ARIA Roles, States, and Properties cell.

Thanks again,

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> No worries, I didn't say that role=dialog should never be used, just
> that there are keyboard interaction and feedback differences to be
> aware of, since this often catches screen reader users off guard.
> I recommended role=region because it is supposed to provide beginning
> and ending boundary text information feedback for screen reader users,
> though I agree, this currently isn't working for NVDA, which there is
> an open bug about.
> Regardless whether you use either method, it's the content that needs
> to be accessible, and the method of rendering that is important here,
> so when the dialog is rendered, the background content should be
> hidden properly, focus should be set appropriately for keyboard users,
> the content must all be accessible in an intuitive manner, the dialog
> must be closable from the keyboard, and focus should return to the
> triggering element after it closes if a triggering element is present.
> The rest is just semantics.
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> Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Dialog semantics and aria?
> Hi List,
> I see that this particular thread is talking about " Dialog Semantics "
> and the solution that is coming out is that of inserting "role="region"".
> I
> am sorry to disagree with the solution given by Bryan . You see , as
> far as making modal windows accessible is concerned Something
> similar issue came in one of the projects I've handled. first of all
> , I've tested what the solution you've given by inserting code using
> firebug , and let me tell you that role="region" is working quite well
> with JAWS in both firefox / IE, to that extent it is getting
> recognized as a landmark , which in my opinion is not a good idea as
> far as WAI-ARIA landmark page role taxonomy is concerned, since if
> role="region" is supposed to be a landmark , then why is not
> recognized as such in w3c documents ?
> My Second point is that role ="region" is simply overlooked by NVDA.
> So, should we totally overlook Open Source products while suggesting
> accessibility solutions to the developers or wait till eternity. Will
> Open Source Products catch up fast ?
> I guess this is just one instance of discrepancy among the people in
> the field of accessibility. Only thing which seems to be common is we
> all agree to disagree.
> This I guess , is a sorry state of affairs. This is how I will
> describe the situation.
> <blockquote> Instead of crossing the ocean of Inaccessibility by
> travelling in a huge ship of Accessibility under the strong
> leadership of W3C, different User Agent Vendors , Corporations ,
> Companies manufacturing Assistive Technologies like Screen Reders
> etc. are travelling in their own small small boats. You can imagine
> and smile at what is bound to happen. Will their be a day when people
> industry wide are going to agree and collaborate on atleast
> one thing and that is "Accessibility" ? </blockquote>
> I think Mr. Tim Berners Lee will be more than happy that day.
> Thanks ,
> Ravindra Kumar Jain
> Accessibility Engineer
> http://www.onyadigital.com
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