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Re: Progress indication


From: Devarshi Pant
Date: Jul 23, 2014 12:50PM

>>Instead, I'm thinking of a percentage score or similar e.g. "70% of
registration process complete".

*** Hi Joe - Hope I understood this correctly. If "70% of registration
process complete" is meaningful and comparable to what sighted users see,
it seems alright. Where would screen reader users get this info, for
instance, is focus being set on this block of text? ***

I'm currently reviewing some mobile registration forms, split across
multiple pages. A visual progress bar gives sighted users an indicator of
their progress through the registration process.

I'm advising that this progress information should also be made available
to screenreader users. However, because the registration process is
non-linear, it is possible to complete it in different numbers of
stepspages depending on the route taken.

For sighted users, the progress bar just indicates analogue progress - you
can see roughly how far through the process you, even if you are not told
the exact number of pages left to complete.

I'm unsure how best to advise screenreader users of this same information.
As above, it would not be useful to advise how many pages are left as this
value is dependent on the route through the process. Instead, I'm thinking
of a percentage score or similar e.g. "70% of registration process
complete". This may remain the same across 2 or more pages depending on the
user's registration route which may be confusing, but probably less so than
the progress bar on one page reporting "Step 4 of 7" and the subsequent
page reporting something different like "Step 5 of 9".

Would be interested to know how others have dealt with similar issues, or
if you have any thoughts on the above suggestion.