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From: G Hickling
Date: Jul 23, 2014 4:23PM

I would like some comments, please, from blind and low-sighted users of
screen readers on a point of usability. Lots of websites these days put
the navigation menu on the top line of the browser window, before the
site logo and the rest of the header. Other sites start off with adverts
from third parties in the same position.

It seems to me this sort of thing must be a nuisance to screen reader
users, by leaving a lot of stuff to wade through or skip over before the
user even knows what the site is about (I know the initial title and
description, which are announced first by the screen reader, are
supposed to say what site it is, but we don't always get that right

As a web developer I would like to know if practice of ours this causes
problems for blind and low sighted screen reader users, or are you ok
with it?

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