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Re: Disappearing PDF content


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Jul 29, 2014 9:40AM

Hi Rachel,

> Could someone point me to a good source on ways to avoid this in the
> initial document creation, as mentioned by both Bevi and Duff?

Bevi’s the expert on document authoring...

I can tell you this much…

1) Put graphics you don’t want tagged into the page’s “background” to the extent possible. For example, in PowerPoint, put images that should be artifacts into a page template.

2) Try to use software that creates Tagged PDF directly rather than forcing yourself to add tags following creation. This is especially effective if you take care of point (1), above.

3) Avoid overlapping objects (i.e., text overlapping images or paths).

4) Avoid using masks (one thing on top of another to create a specific visual effect)

There are doubtless other tips, but these are good general-purpose points that tend to minimize scope for z-order errors.