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Re: Disappearing PDF content


From: John E Brandt
Date: Jul 29, 2014 11:03AM

The issue is with Microsoft Publisher which does a terrible job when you
convert a file to PDF except for simply printing it out.

One should only use Publisher for documents that are intended for print
only. And you should not be composing to Publisher, but rather starting with
a word processor and then importing the content in Publisher when you are
ready to go to print. This way you will still have the original document
(which presumably is fully accessible) in a format with logical order that
can be more readily converted to an accessible PDF.


John E. Brandt
jebswebs: accessible and universal web design,
development and consultation
Augusta, Maine, USA


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Subject: [WebAIM] Disappearing PDF content

Recently I have had to use Acrobat to make a PDF newsletter more accessible.
The document had been created in Microsoft Publisher and its reading order
was especially bad. One problem I encountered is that sometimes, when moving
a tag to its appropriate place in the reading order pane - for example,
placing a heading above the pertinent paragraph - the corresponding text
would become invisible in the document viewer. Has anyone encountered this
and is there a way to avoid it?


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