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RE: Section 508 and Military Intranet


From: tedge@tecaccess.net
Date: Jan 10, 2003 9:41AM

What if someone with a disability was called to be a consultant and
needed to access their intranet but found it not accessible?
Maybe I am wrong in my view of this but in my way of thinking:
Go ahead and make it accessible just for the sake of accessibility and
not just because you have to.

-----Original Message-----

I have been asked to consult on a project and give advice for compliance
with Section 508. Here is the scenario.

A gov't branch has an intranet where only their personnel will have
access (No Public Access) which will tie into a database for various
other departments within their intranet infrastructure to input data.

Now my question:

Being that it is a military branch (base) and that there is to be NO
public access to this intranet. Do they really need to comply with
Section 508 (1194.1)which specifically states that it is only required
to accommodate federal employees with disabilities and the general
public trying to access such information?

My thoughts are no they do not have to worry about Section 508 due to
the following reasons:

1) Being a military branch - there are restrictions and physical
requirements in order to be enlisted within the military. Which
bottom-line means the number of people WITH disabilities within the
military are virtually nil.

2) Since it is a closed intranet and there will be NO public access then
the criteria for Section 508 )1194.1) is then void.

Am I correct with this line of thinking or is it just an
misinterpretation of the law by me?

I greatly appreciate any information that can be provided with examples
that I can use in helping with this area.

Thank you,

Michael Goddard
Internet Developer/Programmer
TDH Marketing & Communications, Inc.
8153 Garnet Drive
Dayton, OH. 45458
phone: 937.438.3434
fax: 937.438.3453
web: http://www.tdh-marketing.com

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