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Re: Section 508 and Military Intranet


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jan 10, 2003 12:24PM

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From: "Michael Goddard" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Being that it is a military branch (base) and that there is to be NO
> access to this intranet. Do they really need to comply with Section 508
> (1194.1)which specifically states that it is only required to accommodate
> federal employees with disabilities and the general public trying to
> such information?

I would believe the Same rules apply. Whether it is an IntrAnet, or the
Equal opportunity employer[gov], means there is likelihood that a wide range
of people will work on these Intranets.
In which case equal access is important.

More information and resources regarding US policies are listed here:

*By state* policies here:

[included in those listings -- governmental/federal agency informaton]

Policies Relating to Web Accessibility [various countries are listed]

=I switched systems here, though I did have a link to a Navy website tht had
a really nice set of pages regarding the various items of Sec 508 and
information on how to comply or make work for all their page displays.
Included were topics on Forms and Accessibility.


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