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RE: Section 508 and Military Intranet


From: Wendy R. Mullin
Date: Jan 10, 2003 10:23AM

In addition to determining whether you legally need to make the side 508
compliant, consider the conditions under which military personnel might be
accessing this intranet.

Will the access always be from a newer PC in an office building with a
direct connection to the intranet?

* Will the personnel be out in the field - anywhere in the world - perhaps
under combat conditions?
* Will they be accessing this intranet from dial-up modems or with wireless
* What devices will they be using to access this intranet? Will the
devices be computers with color monitors or monochrome monitors? Will the
devices have large screens with small screens (such as the screens on a
handheld or cell phone)?

If the persons authorized to access this intranet will be in any of the
above conditions, then they will be better able to access the intranet if
it is accessible.

Having alt tags, good color contrast, and not depending on color alone to
convey information would make the information accessible no matter what
type of device is being used to connect to the intranet. Avoiding frames
or complex tables could be beneficial if users are accessing the intranet
with handhelds or other devices with small screens. All of the above would
be useful if information needs to be conveyed quickly via a wireless network.

Users don't have to be disabled to benefit from accessible design.

Wendy R. Mullin
Web Developer, University of South Carolina
<EMAIL REMOVED> | http://isg.csd.sc.edu/~wmullin/

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