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Re: New forum created for the blind and visually impaired


From: Stores, Mary A.
Date: Aug 25, 2014 12:28PM


I'd like to see how the forum works if, say, I reply to a topic, and then someone replies to my reply. That's where things get interesting with forums.

I also think that navigation of yoru forum would be improved by using different landmark regions.

Finally, I understand, as a blind person myself, that there are a lot of issues blind people face while navigating the web. However, I really wish we as blind people would reach out to other groups of people who would have trouble accessing the web, such as people who are deaf, non screen-reader users who only use the keyboard to navigate, etc. I only say this because if someone Googles web accessibility challenges and your forum comes up, as well as the NFB certification, people will probably think only blind people have trouble accessing the web. This is just my opinion though.


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Hello all,
I'd like to get your opinion on a new forum I created from the ground up. You can find out all the details of how it works here in this post.
The forum focuses mainly on accessibility and I would love to hear some suggestions.
John Martyn