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Re: Accessibilty & Flash Content


From: Shane Anderson
Date: Jan 17, 2003 8:55AM

The problem with flash is that someone using assistive technology can get stuck in the flash movie. This is very frustrating, if you can not see what is going on. Also, it is not wise to assume that people with disabilities do not want your content. People with disabilities are into _everything_. Erik Weihenmayer just finished climbing the tallest peaks on the seven continents. Why would a blind guy want to do that?

For ideas on a possible solution take a look at the Utah State University home page. (http://www.usu.edu) While they do have flash navigation, the first link is to a non-flash version.

Notice that the url has "?flash=off" at the end. A serverside script takes it from there with session variables. I beleive they are using Cold Fusion.

If you are new to serverside scripting, look into PHP it is free and easy to learn. Pick up a book or visit (http://www.phpbuilder.com) and learn about sessions.

Shane Anderson

Programmer Analyst
Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM.org)
Center for Persons with Disabilities (cpd.usu.edu)
Utah State University (usu.edu)

Chet said:


I'm designing an accessible site (to W3C A standards) and not sure what to
do with a flash movie. The logo will be a subtle flash movie with a static
picture and text fading in & out. I know we should avoid 'blinking,
flickering or moving content'. The site will be primarily for people without
disability hence happy to have a flash movie, however how can I provide a
facility to switch the movie off?

I thought
a) put a text link to the side 'switch moving logo off' & then replace this
with a static logo. But how would I do this?? How could this be done site
wide - so each time they move to a new page the flash logo is replaced by a
still image logo? i thought javascript - but don't know where to start.
b) use flash controls to switch the movie off (play, stop etc) and again
make this site wide. there may be an extension - but how suitable for my

Also any advice on whether moving text flash movie presents a particular
accessibility problem? i am saying this because their is clear guidance on
making flash movies accessible through alternate content - so may be moving
flash movies aren't that big a deal?

look forward to comments,

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