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Re: Accessible Content Management Systems


From: Iza Bartosiewicz
Date: Sep 28, 2014 8:27PM

> I'm wondering if those of you who know far more than I can tell me what the
> most accessible cms is out there, what are its shortcomings and strong
> points, Etc.

Hi Michael,

If you are looking for an enterprise-type CMS, rather than an open source
system like Wordpress or Drupal, I've recently stumbled upon the

I can't verify its maker's claim that it is

"the world's only content management system (CMS) built with a focus on
accessibility from the bottom up, using open-source platforms.",

and the website is light on details as far as their compliance with WCAG
(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ATAG (Authoring Tool
Accessibility Guidelines) is concerned. They only make a broad compliance
statement and don't even mention which version of ATAG they comply with
(that usually gets my alarm bells ringing). However, it might be worth
contacting them to find out more.

Another CMS that claims accessibility compliance is TerminalFour
They don't mention ATAG explicitly, but they list the accessibility
features of their authoring tool, and they tick some of the ATAG


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