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Re: Re Accessible Hyperlinks in PDF


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Oct 24, 2014 12:50PM

> This is a common source of confusion, because many viewers (including Adobe Reader and Acrobat) will impute a link based on a URL. This does not, however, result in a *tagged* link, which is required for AT.

As such, it’s useful to know if you actually have links in the PDF (which can be tagged), or not.

To do this in Acrobat…

1. Go into “Add or Edit a link” mode (see attached screen-shot)

2. If you see a box around the link then the PDF actually contains a link annotation, which may then be tagged. If you do not see a box then the PDF does not contain a link annotation at that location, and the link behavior you are seeing “under the mouse” is simply the viewer imputing a link.

Link annotations must be added before they can be tagged into the logical structure of the file.