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RE: Code samples of XML/XSL


From: Royalty, James
Date: Jan 31, 2003 5:58AM


The following may be of assistance. This comes from the: Federal CIO
Council on Architecture and Infrastructure Committee in cooperation with
the XML Working Group and the Universal Access Collaboration Workshops. See
listings below.

SUMMARY of Meetings
* Accessible Web forms for everybody
* Not keyboard-centric
* Events for focus, navigation
* Script not required
* Captions, metadata
* Multimodal Forms
"It is the one standard that almost nobody wants to see become a standard,
because it will effectively lay the foundation for replacing all those
#100,000 e-commerce packages that seem only to make things even more complex
and entangled than they were before companies adopted those packages." (Curt
Cagle, The Metaphorical Web, December 2002)

O'Reilly book on XForms (Building XForms for Fun and Profit) in process: