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Re: preferred format for a Frequently Asked Questions page


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Dec 18, 2014 12:55PM

Thanks to those who responded, both on and off list. I'm a bit
surprised at how few responses I've gotten.

So I'd like to send out yet one more call for sample FAQ pages that
people like/have been tested, etc.

Despite Cliff's comments (which come from an unachievable ideal goal,
in most cases, in my experience), I actually *like* FAQs and do use
them. When they're done right, they can save me one heckuva lot of
time reading a bunch of prose and poking around a site.

Sometimes, as shocking as this may seem to some, *I* go straight to
that page, especially when I'm on a technology-based site, and I'm
trying to solve what I think could be a common problem. One example
that comes to mind is on phone carriers' sites which tend to be
filled with marketing jargon and sales pitch pages, rather than
specific step-by-step guidance.

As a fyi, I haven't specified what kind of site I'm focusing on here,
primarily to avoid the very philosophical debate Cliff raises.

Again, as I said originally, I have a chance to set up a good design
pattern for FAQS, and I'd welcome any additional ideas people have to
help me "get it right."