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Re: Position of the link "sitemap"


From: Judith.A.Blankman@wellsfargo.com
Date: Dec 31, 2014 3:49PM


I would vote for predictability and agree that I would expect to find
something like this in the footer, that it's not prime real estate
(header) material, and depending on how many links are in the header, it
could hinder fundability for those.

This sounds like a job for guerrilla usability testing, on paper mockups.
Take it around the office, or among friends, family, strangers, whoever
you can find. While paper mockups tests like this are for sighted users,
you could also ask blind users where they would look, describing the
general page layout.

Ask where they would expect to find a sitemap, perhaps list a reason that
they would want to find one in the first place. I suppose you could mockup
2 designs, or just show an existing design with that piece missing and
with a sticky note/cutout, they can place it where they think it should go.


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>Hello listers,
>Greetings for the day!
>In recent discussion, many of my team members had some queries about the
>placement of the link "sitemap"within a website, wherein a sitemap would
>refer to link to a site map that lists all of the resources that were
>present in the site.
>As a predictability in most of the web pages, the sitemap used to be
>within the footer.
>Whereas, let me know your thoughts about the placement of the sitemap
>within the header which was a design requirement.
>i.e.when read with a screen reader, sitemap would be above the search
> Thanks in advance for your response.
>Gayatri Iyer
>Accessibility consultant
>Gayatri Iyer
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