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PDFs and Page Numbers


From: L Snider
Date: Jan 28, 2015 11:51AM

Hi Everyone,

I haven't seen this come up on the list for a long time, so I just wanted
to see if things had changed.

I am creating PDFs from Word documents, and they have page numbers.

Do you mark page numbers as artifacts (page)? Or do you keep them as <P>? I
like the artifact route, but I am open to changing that...I keep reading
different things in terms of how users use them and like them.

In the Reading Order panel, these documents always have the Page Number as
1 in the list. I was thinking about whether I should put the page number at
the end (ie: Text on page, footer text, footer image, page number) as the
text is way more important. However, here too I keep reading different
things from users.

Thanks in advance!