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Audio Contrast Requirement


From: Dona Patrick
Date: Jan 30, 2015 1:19PM

I've been asked to check the audio contrast and make suggestions for
remediation for two videos that were checked by HHS and considered

Because I am completely new to testing and recommending fixes for audio
contrast I had to learn how to test but I was not sure how deep I need to
go into the audio to measure the contrast ratio. I measured from pause to
pause. I measured the spoken word against the silence in the audio (it is
just a tutorial without any background sounds).

I found some issues in one of the audios -- and the tracks were different
-- the left was better and the right was worse -- although they didn't
sound any different to me.

The narrator was obviously not professional and her sentences usually went
from higher volume to almost inaudible in some cases -- so I think that is
the issue for this audio. Most of the contrast problems I found were at the
end of sentences.

The other audio was fine, but the volume was low. Could it be that the
auditor just wanted the volume raised for that one?

Any ideas on how I can suggest remediation to the developers without having
the videos narrated by a professional?