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Re: online accessibility and privacy


From: Terzian, Sharon
Date: Feb 27, 2015 10:29AM

Thank you again for your responses, and yes, as a parent of a (now) young lady with cognitive disabilities, it's difficult to select a reasonably 'secure' password for her that she can remember, though we've moved off her last name (not the same as mine so don't get any ideas LOL) and on to pets with
some number combos, I don't (for her, but even for me at time) like an automatic save, but in some cases, it's just necessary for her...

My bank can save my login info, which is a 16 digit ATM card, now my ATM card has changed a few times over the years and I have no idea how I can remember that one!

I also use a password protected file in Excel to store all my passwords. Being a web mistress and online for all kinds of things, that aren't necessarily mine, I needed a 'safer' place to keep stuff, especially when I didn't choose the password (or since I have so many, just can't remember which one is where).

In most of the recent cases of hacking online, it wouldn't have mattered how secure your password were, it was the company (Home Depot, Sony, etc) security that failed.

Is there anything you'd else you'd like to bring up or would like to see addressed as I move forward with this discussion in my group (they are all in either the cyber security or digital forensics programs at URI)? These people do more of this for a living than I do and I'd
like to see something helpful come out of the discussions we are having.

Once again, thank you all for your time and input.

Sharon Terzian
Webmistress/Sherlock Center @ RIC
Adjunct Professor/School of Management @ RIC