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Re: Name, Role, Value and Labels or Instructions techniques...


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Mar 29, 2015 11:28AM

This is not a fail under 4.1.2, because the title attribute is a valid
way to determine the accessible name according to the accessible name
calculation algorithm
(if link does not take you directly to that section, it is section 5.2.7).
It is the last fallback for determining the accessible name, but it is
a valid option.
If it always 100% matches/communicates all the same information as the
visible text label, I would have a hard time calling it under 3.3.2 or
1.3.1. But if the on-screen text provides any additional info, such as
format of input, input restrictions, or any other useful info not
duplicated in title, 3.3.2 can be used.
I would always call a best practice problem under 1.3.1 because
visible text should be associated with having on-screen instructions
that are not connected with the form field.
Duplicating label in the title attribute for a form field is risky
because on-screen instructions can often be changed or updated and
people may forget to make the corresponding change to the title
There are two ways to associated on-screen label with form field.
Explicit/implicit labeling using the label tag (explicit with a
for="id" association, implicit if form field and text are both wrapped
in a single label tag.
This has the advantage that mouse users can click anywhere on the
label to get focus into the form field.
The other is aria-labelledby conection from form field to the id of
the label text container.


On 3/29/15, Sean Keegan < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am reviewing a web application that has many form fields that are using
> the title attribute. To add to this, there is on-screen text for nearly all
> the form fields but the <label> tag is not used consistently. It appears
> that the title attribute was used initially to provide supplemental
> information and then became more of a support for screen-readers.
> I considered this is a fail under 4.1.2 (Name, Role, Value) and 3.3.2
> (Labels and Instructions). It was pointed out to me that the technique H65
> allows for the title attribute for form fields and this satisfies the
> "programmatically determined" requirement as well as provides the relevant
> instructions. I say shenanigans as the second part of the H65 technique
> uses the phrase "when the label element cannot be used."
> Any thoughts/comments from those all-knowing in the ways of WCAG?
> (I know there are other limitations to the use of the title attribute for
> form controls, but the discussion is centering on the WCAG 2.0 language and
> aforementioned technique)
> Take care,
> Sean
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