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Re: On JAWS demo. Was RE: repetitive navigation


From: Carol Foster
Date: Feb 20, 2003 6:58AM

It sounds like you hit the year limit on the free JAWS. We started out
with that a while back.

We have been using ConnectOutloud to do some testing and demonstrations
for about a year or so now, not hugely extensively, but it seems to be
like JAWS for the most part for the Web. Not free of course, but a
fraction of the price of JAWS. ($250, if I remember right, for 1.0;
then upgrade to 2.0 was free.) The one place where I am aware that the
functionality has diverged from JAWS is that ConnectOutloud does not
handle the new Flash MX accessibility features that the latest version
of JAWS is supposed to handle.


Philip Pawley wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> You wrote:
>> Rant away, but best that that rant be based on fact.
> Quite.
>> Freedom Scientific's
>> policy of timed demonstration is, in my opinion, extremely generous.
>> Full
>> function JAWS runs for 40 minutes and then you have to reboot your
>> computer.
>> For someone who is not blind and wants to test with a screen reader,
>> it is
>> hard to imagine a better deal.
> That's what I thought when mine was working like that. Nonetheless,
> when I tried to run JAWS again a few weeks (maybe months) later it
> gave me an expiration message. I got the self-same message when I
> tried to re-install it now on receiving your post.
> The message reads:-
> "This demo of JAWS has expired. Call your local access technology
> dealer or contact Freedom Scientific at 727-803-8000 or
> <EMAIL REMOVED> to purchase your fully-licensed
> version of JAWS."
> I can send you a screen-shot if you like.
>> I don't know what problems you had, but it
>> sounds like user error to me.
> User error? Me? Never! :-)
> Seriously, I'd be delighted if it turns out to be so.
> All the best,
> Philip Pawley

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Internet Publishing Group, Information Technology Services
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