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Re: ARIA for main navigation bar


From: Judith.A.Blankman@wellsfargo.com
Date: Apr 23, 2015 2:22PM

Thanks, Jennifer, so glad the WAI is working on tutorials like this. Great
to see this guidance.

The tutorial indicates that we should be using a "flyout menu" to build
navigation. Thus my confusion.

Functionally is there a reason to use a flyout menu instead of a web
application menu for navigation?

I would think that if the web application menu delivers the same
functionality for a web page, that it wouldn't matter to the end user, or
would it? Do screen readers or interactive features differ between the two
on desktop and mobile? Are the ARIA features perceived differently by
screen reader users?

Or, could an ARIA role "menubar" function just as well as a flyout for
simple navigation? Is it important semantically not to represent
navigation as a menubar, or vice versa?

Questions, questions, so many questions.



On 4/23/15 12:13 PM, "Jennifer Sutton" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>I'll just put in a quick plug for the menu-related tutorial from WAI:
>I'm sure feedback, in the manner described, would be welcome.