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Re: ARIA for main navigation bar


From: Judith.A.Blankman@wellsfargo.com
Date: Apr 23, 2015 2:27PM


I can always count on you to dig into the details with me, much

>> The submenu that the developers are working contains a brief list in a
>>horizontal layout just below the main menubar. Otherwise, it seems to
>>function the same as the examples.
>Does this mean that after you arrow into the submenu, you need to press
>Left/Right to navigate the submenu?

No, the up/down arrows move through the submenu list in the examples, the
left/right move though the main menu.

>Also, if pressing Enter on the triggering menuitem A+href=url tag will
>navigate to another page, it is necessary to surround the container
>element of the menubar construct with role=application, otherwise when
>you press Enter on the menu while navigating in Virtual Cursor or Browse
>mode using JAWS or NVDA, it will open the new page instead of entering
>Applications mode for interacting with the menus. After Application mode
>is invoked, pressing Enter again at this point will activate the onclick
>on the A tag, or pressing Down will navigate into the submenu.
>If this dual functionality is the case, then I recommend adding an
>aria-describedby on each of the A tag role=menuitem elements to reference
>a hidden element for indicating the correct keystroke to use for doing
>one or the other action, since it won't be clear that pressing Enter
>again at this point will open a different browser page.

There will likely be this type of dual functionality on many of the pages,
so this is great advice.