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Re: webaim-forum-d Digest V2003 #44


From: Leah Cornwell
Date: Feb 25, 2003 2:55PM

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<P>I think that in creating your form you need to be even more simplistic. In the interest of accessibility <A href=";amp;lah=271c4a182e3a031342e4132915498006&amp;lat=1046208897&amp;hm___action=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2ema%2edoe%2egov%2fenergy%2fweb%2ehtml" target=_blank><FONT color=#000099>http://www.ma.doe.gov/energy/web.html<;/FONT></A>&nbsp;this web page is going to have a hard time being accessible. First of all it is created in nested tables which is a problem from the start. If you take the tables out and mark up the table with the prompt for the input to the left of the text box, and then put the answers next to it it would turn out to be much more accessible. Screen readers&nbsp;have trouble reading things that are above the input boxes.&nbsp;Tables containing forms are not going to linearize well. I think you might want to start over with a more simplistic page...you don't have to sacrifice design for accessibility. I think keeping!
in mind simplicity is a good idea for forms, and they don't have to look bad when choosing to do that. Just some thoughts... <A href="http://www.jimthatcher.com/webcourse8.htm">http://www.jimthatcher.com/webcourse8.htm<;/A> I am sure you might have looked here already, but it couldn't hurt to check it out if you haven't. </P>
<P>Good Luck! </P>
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