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Re: Browser zooming sufficient for WCAG 1.4.4 (resize text)


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jun 29, 2015 8:45AM

On 29/06/2015 15:41, Jonathan Avila wrote:
> When browser zoom is used there will be all sorts of odd widths.
> Authors cannot create breakpoints for all of these.

You seem to misunderstand the idea of breakpoints, or rather how
designers/developers use them? It's not a fixed point, but rather a
measure at which a particular design changes.

If authors ONLY design for EXACT known breakpoint sizes, then their
sites will break on devices which don't have those exact screen
measurements either...nothing to do with font sizes, or zooming.

> What the author
> should do is allow for variance between breakpoints by designing the
> content to be fluid and not prevent overflow or wrapping. If a
> responsive site has truncated text when zoomed up to 200% then it
> would appear to be a WCAG failure to me. I don't buy the argument
> that the issue happens to other users and therefore isn't an
> accessibility issue because it doesn't happen to other users.

You may not buy it, but it's the reality...if a designer only made a
design work only if a screen is exactly 320px wide and 768px wide and
higher, and nothing in between, then the design will break for any
device whose pixel size is below 768px and not exactly 320px.

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