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Re: Proper Way to Render Table for Reading Cells


From: Christopher Koeber
Date: Jul 6, 2015 12:58PM


Thank you for your feedback, what we have discovered is that when using the
commands in IE 8 and JAWS 11 it reads the cell contents after issuing the
command. Is there a way that JAWS can do this automatically? I couldn't
find the setting.

Also, not sure if anyone can answer the question about cell "editing", I'd
like to either use hotkeys within the web browser using JavaScript or
accept any other recommendations on replicating the functionality for
disabled folks to be able to "select" a table row to perform actions after
the fact.

For non-disabled users they can simply select a table row with a mouse; the
table row then has specific classes added for each cell.

Thank you for your excellent feedback and help.



Christopher Koeber

On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 12:39 PM, Moore,Michael (HHSC) <
<EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> A couple of quick tests to make sure that JAWS is really behaving the way
> that you think it is.
> If it is not reading the form field labels - make sure that you are in
> forms mode. JAWS 11 was pretty finicky about switching modes automatically.
> Also when in the field use JAWSKey+up arrow to read the line again - this
> is the say current line command.
> For the table make sure that you are navigating using the table reading
> commands. Cntrl+alt+arrows should provide enough for your purposes. Also
> make sure that you are out of Forms mode. Go into settings and turn on
> enter forms mode manually so that you can toggle reliably.
> If you are relying on WAI-ARIA support keep in mind that both Freedom
> Scientific and IE have done a lot to add support since IE8 and JAWS 11 so
> you may find that there are WAI-ARIA features that are not supported.
> Mike Moore
> Accessibility Coordinator
> Texas Health and Human Services Commission
> Civil Rights Office
> (512) 438-3431 (Office)
> (512) 574-0091 (Cell)
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> Hello,
> So this may be a long post, hope folks can hear me out.
> As I mentioned in prior posts, I am developing a webpage for IE8 and JAWS
> 11. I need to not only have all elements of the webpage read but the
> application completely usable; any disabled user can perform the
> functionality as a sighted/non-disabled user can.
> What I have is the HTML output below. So far, in IE 8 / Jaws 11 I can get
> most of everything read from the output below BUT I have the following
> problems:
> - Table Cell values are not being read at all. All I get is something
> like "Row 5 Cell 1". As you will see below, I have additional content
> that
> I want only the screen reader (JAWS) to read and not shown. So I have
> content wrapped inside a DIV with a class that I want only the JAWS
> reader
> to pick up. Within JAWS 11 and IE 8 how can I get the content in the
> cells
> to be read? In the output below you will note that I have the content
> that
> I want the JAWS reader to read which describes exactly what the cell
> contains.
> - Related to the table, for non-disabled users folks can select the row
> using a mouse and then easily click on a set of functions related to the
> row (EDIT, EXPORT, DELETE, etc.) What I want is an easy way for disabled
> folks to be able to have this functionality. Ideally I want to have a
> hotkey of some kind so that people can just press a key on their
> keyboard
> and a function within JavaScript fires off that executes the said
> function.
> Via another forum I found that screen-readers take over most of the
> shortcuts, however. What is the best alternative I can offer disabled
> folks
> while keeping the functionality for sighted folks the same?
> - The labels are not being read for the Text fields. All I here when I
> tab to a text field is "Type in Text".
> Thank you for all of your time, I have linked the HTML output below; if
> needed I can post additional content, etc. if needed.
> Note; this isn't all of the output, just the HTML output as this is an
> internal application. Content sanitized.
> Regards,
> Christopher Koeber
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