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From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Jul 6, 2015 1:51PM

Hi Donna, yes, SSB BART Group is a leading organization that guides other organizations in making their digital content accessible to people with disabilities. I work for SSB and I'd be happy to discuss any specific questions you may have -- my email is in the signature below this message. In regards to the email you mentioned -- SSB recently partnered with IBM® to create a mobile accessibility checker to assist developers in finding and correcting accessibility issues for native iOS and Android apps. Our mobile solution can also test pages from Cordova (e.g. Worklight and PhonGap) hybrid apps but it does need to be initiated from within the development environment such as xCode (iOS) or Eclipse (Android). Once initiated the testing can occur on a physical device or within a mobile simulator.

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hi all: i got an email that may be spam, but it looks rather legitimate. its saying there is a, well, here's the subject line:
Mobile Accessibility: There's an App for That" and its from someone named Cindy Quach at ssbbartgroup.com. they are offering a free Webinar. Does anyone know anything about this group?

and, further, what about mobile accessibility anyhoo?? i tried searching emails from this group and i didn't very far. any clues about how to start thinking about mobile and accessibility?

all the best and thanks

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