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Re: Infographics and WCAG 2.0 Criteria 1.4.5


From: Andersen,Hilary K (DADS)
Date: Jul 31, 2015 12:31PM

Yes, the text in the infographic is considered essential on this site, and it appears as though the alt text has been properly tagged throughout. Bravo!

Hilary Andersen

Electronic Information Accessibility Coordinator / Council Liaison
Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Center for Consumer and External Affairs - Government Relations
(512) 438-4580


From: Moore,Michael (HHSC)
Sent: Friday, July 31, 2015 11:52 AM
To: WebAIM Discussion List; Andersen,Hilary K (DADS); Steinberg,Richard (DSHS); Keller,Kathy (DFPS); Kinnunen,Daniel (DFPS)
Subject: Infographics and WCAG 2.0 Criteria 1.4.5

Would the text in an infographic be considered "essential" under exception for Guideline 1.4.5? (Images of text).

"If the technologies being used can achieve the visual presentation, text is used to convey information rather than images of text except for the following:

- Customizable: The image of text can be visually customized to the user's requirements;
- Essential: A particular presentation of text is essential to the information being conveyed.
- Note: Logotypes (text that is part of a logo or brand name) are considered essential."

Example: http://snapkdf24ggbfs.devcloud.acquia-sites.com/plan-meals/plan-your-meals-with-myplate

I am leaning toward yes since manipulation of the text could result in problems with alignment or visibility and impact the understandability of the infographic.

Mike Moore
Accessibility Coordinator
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Civil Rights Office
(512) 438-3431 (Office)
(512) 574-0091 (Cell)