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Re: Contrast page checker?


From: Judith.A.Blankman@wellsfargo.com
Date: Aug 27, 2015 10:41AM

I use 4 checker tools (WAVE for Firefox & Chrome, Paciello desktop
checker, and the WebAIM web page) in different ways. I also make sure
designers have these tools and are checking their work.

I couldn¹t test your page, was blocked from our proxy server, so I can¹t
identify what might be happening in your situation.

Not sure how you are using the Chrome WAVE plugin, which I LOVE BTW, so
here¹s what I do. Select ³Contrast² from the choices at the top of the
sidebar to reveal the Details interface. Click on the icons that display
to locate errors. I am not sure why all of the icons don¹t display on the
page being tested (layers or animation perhaps?) but many of them do.
Guessing it¹s reading the CSS perhaps?

In general I trust my eye and then test using Paciello¹s dropper tool most
of the time. Or to be 100% sure, if I don¹t have a palette or a designer
to ask, I grab the colors from the CSS (if they are presented as hex
values and not percentages) using a code inspector and then plug them into
the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker.

Hope this helps.


Judith Blankman

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>Another invaluable tool for this is the Paciello Groups' color contrast
>checker ~ https://github.com/ThePacielloGroup/CCA
>On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 10:08 PM, Angela French < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Jared, it was suggested to me that I try the contrast checker add-on for
>> Firefox. I did so and I got some valuable insight there because it
>> whether the items were failing on small or large text. Mine are
>>failing on
>> small text which tells me it's the media queries for small devices.
>> Angela French
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>> Angela French wrote:
>> > If I test this url:
>> > http://dev.sbctc.edu/_testing/test-template-errors.aspx
>> > the Summary seems to indicate that I have 16 contrast errors.
>> > But I don't know how to make it show where those contrast issues are.
>> This is a very interesting bug that we've not encountered before.
>> We'll be pushing a fix for this very soon.
>> Thanks,
>> Jared Smith
>> WebAIM.org
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>Kind Regards,
>Schalk Neethling
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