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NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA accessibility testing updates?


From: John P. Lee
Date: Aug 27, 2015 1:17PM

Hi all,

I'm checking in to see if anyone has done any extensive accessibility testing of Google's NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA<https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html> lately, particularly with regards to access on mobile devices (e.g., using VoiceOver with the Safari web browser in iOS 8.4). I've done some testing with screen readers (JAWS 16.0, NVDA 2015.3) and screen magnifier (ZoomText Mag/Reader 10.1) and had mixed results when using different browsers. For example, ZoomText AppReader does not read the "I'm not a robot" box when I use the latest version of Firefox, and checking the checkbox is not successful regardless - it pops up an alternative verification method (image selection). By the way, I used Patrick Lauke's Google reCAPTCHA test website<http://patrickhlauke.github.io/recaptcha/>; for accessibility testing.

When I tested Patrick's website with VoiceOver in Safari on my iPhone (with iOS 8.4), VoiceOver did not automatically read the "I'm not a robot" section. It would read it if I dragged my finger over it, but one would have to know that something is there for it to be effective. Is this issue a result of Google's use of Javascript for NoCAPTCHA?

I've read both positive and critical reviews of the NoCAPTCHA widget online. What's the general consensus on using this CAPTCHA solution as an accessible option? Has anyone come across specific accessibility testing done by Google on NoCAPTCHA? Do we know if they have plans to address accessibility concerns that have been identified? Is there a better, more accessible CAPTCHA solution out there?



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