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Re: Double Tags


From: Chagnon | PubCom.com
Date: Sep 25, 2015 11:21AM

That's a very unconventional way to make an accessible PDF, and it's probably not triggering the correct Word-to-PDF conversion utility or at least it's triggering a flawed one.

Try this method instead and see if the duplicate tag problem is cleared up.

1) Start with a well-styled Word document, one that uses minimal local/manual formatting and achieves the visual design via Paragraph and Character styles.
2) From within Word, access the ribbon thumbtab for Acrobat's tools. This is the plug-in (PDF-Maker) added by Acrobat into all MS Office applications and provides the best, most accurate tools for converting documents to accessible PDFs. See below if you don't have the Acrobat plug-in/Ribbon bar.
3) From the Acrobat Ribbon bar, choose PDF Preferences (Conversion Settings) and click the correct options for making an accessible PDF; mainly those are Create Bookmarks, Add links, and Enable Accessibility and Reflow with Tagged Adobe PDF. Click OK to exit the dialogue box.
4) From the Acrobat Ribbon bar, choose Create PDF and set the usual items for file name and destination location.

If you don't have the Acrobat Ribbon bar in your version of MS Word, I suggest you reinstall Acrobat and get the plug-in installed correctly because it's the best tool to make accessible PDFs (and for those created PDFs for print/press, also for that purpose, too).

1) Uninstall Acrobat. If on Windows, use Control Panel / Programs to uninstall Acrobat.
2) Reboot your computer (this removes all program-related functions that reside in memory and thoroughly removes the software). I prefer to do a cold boot, that is don't choose to "Restart" your computer but instead "Shut Down" and then reboot it.
3) Once rebooted, reinstall Acrobat from scratch. Make sure that MS Office is already installed so that the installation routine can find the individual applications and automatically drop the Acrobat PDF-Maker plug-in into them. When done, you'll see the Acrobat Ribbon bar / thumbtab in all your MS Office applications.

Hope this helps.
—Bevi Chagnon

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OK, a little more description :). First I create Word documents (Word 2010). I then open Adobe Acrobat Pro XI to create a PDF form from a the Word file. When asked I choose the Word document and click on 'Open' and 'Continue'. So now I have a PDF and if I click on the tag icon (looks like a price tag) I see my tag tree for the document on the left hand side. I click on the plus signs to expand; 'Tags', and then 'Sect' and I see all my 'Tags'. I click on the plus sign in front of any 'Tag' and it expands to show whats inside. There is an icon that looks like a file box (cardboard box with lid) and it shows the content of the Tag. It could be a <Normal> tag, or an <H1> tag, it doesn't matter. Each tag has two file box icons with the exact same content. So this means that my screen reader (both JAWS and NVDA) reads the content twice (because it is there twice in the tag). The only time it does not do this is if there is a hyperlink in the paragraph.

I don't believe images are allowed on this forum, but can send one to a personal account if I have not described what is happening sufficiently enough. Please let me know.


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You will have to provide some details about how you create your PDFs, and what tool you use to look at the PDFs such that you see certain icons (and exactly where you see them), in order to trigger useful replies. Also, what screenreader are you using?

On 25 Sep 2015, at 18:05, "Krack, Joseph@DOR" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> When I create a PDF document or form my Tags each have two 'file box' icons underneath with the text, or Heading in them. This causes my screen reader to read everything twice. Is there something I am doing, or not doing, to cause all my tags to be doubled?