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Re: JavaScript library for display and customization of keyboard shortcuts?


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Oct 29, 2015 2:08PM

I'll try again.

First of all, I'm well aware of what jQuery hasn't done/isn't doing.

Second, I'm well aware that there are a *lot* of these libraries, so any
that are chosen should be considered to see if they're actually being
maintained/still work. I'm not going to bother to list probably a half a
dozen that I could.

But finally, and again trying to repeat my larger point, take care that
you're following standard best practices with these ARIA controls,
rather than inventing *new* keyboard commands that people will never
learn anmd that conflict with keystroke combos already in use.

Study history, so you don't repeat some of the wrong turns that have
been taken in the past. That's all.

And good luck.