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Re: Introduction


From: _mallory
Date: Nov 13, 2015 1:30AM

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 01:00:18PM +0100, Chaals McCathie Nevile wrote:
> Right now I am working on a few different things:
> How to make accessible SVG and how to improve SVG to make that
> easier. I'm playing with a set of examples that you can find at
> https://github.com/SVG-access-W3CG/use-case-examples

Great set. I'm going to go through them.
I've recently run into drag and drop SVGs and other puzzle-like SVGs.
Are you also looking into more interactive SVGs, or are you thinking
those sorts ought to stick to non-SVG-ish things on the web?

> - schema.org description of the accessibility of places. There are
> literally millions of places described using schema.org metadata.
> Adding some information about the physical accessibility would be
> very helpful. We need to develop a vocabulary for this that starts
> small enough to experiment. I have looked at similar, more focused
> efforts, and there is a lot of valuable thinking but it is unclear
> if anyone has really tried to do this at the scale of "all the web"
> yet, and things for schema need to work on that scale to be
> acceptable.

Such a thing could get more planet-wide coverage if it (at a later
point) became integrated into all the carryable/wearable tech people
have with them. Instead of checking into 4square, their devices
could let them add/update information about some physical place they're
at. As Much Automation As Reasonably Achievable could cover a lot of