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Re: longdesc or aria-describedby for infographic


From: Moore,Michael (Accessibility) (HHSC)
Date: Nov 24, 2015 8:03AM

For a description that long I would either make the image a link to the description, or provide a visible text link to the description. The description could be useful to more folks than just those who use screen readers. If you were to use aria-describedby the description would need to be included in the content of the page and would not allow people to use many of their reading commands to control how they navigate the content. If the description is visible to everyone (not positioned off screen) then aria-describedby would be redundant. I would place the description immediately after the image.

Mike Moore
Accessibility Coordinator
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Civil Rights Office
(512) 438-3431 (Office)

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Subject: [WebAIM] longdesc or aria-describedby for infographic

I have an infographic and have been provided a description for it that is 2313 characters long. I'm wondering whether to use <img longdesc="description...." /> or use aria-describedby and position it off page.

Can anyone advise me as to what is the most preferred by users of screen readers?

Thank you

Angela French
Internet Specialist
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges