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Re: Word/PDF accessibility guide


From: John E. Brandt
Date: Feb 22, 2016 12:48PM

@Sharon, et al...

I've taught a couple of workshops and one webinar on Accessible Digital Documents and maintain that most digital documents start out as word processed documents - or at least they should be.

Here is a link to all of the resources. Feel free to share.


I will look at what others have sent to you in this thread, and if I don't have them on this page, I will add them.

BTW, I plan to do this training again in May and will be updating everything soon. If you find any other nuggets, let me know.


John E. Brandt


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I've been asked to teach a short class to non-techies on how to be pro active as far as Accessibility when using Word and then probably making it a PDF.

I teach Word now and know it has the accessibility checker as a part of it. I also know the challenges when you make it into a PDF, it doesn't always go well.

I found a few things online, but the people that are in attendance barely know Word. Plus I'll need a 'start' file as this training will be hands on (I reserved the lab that I teach in). They tend to use a lot of tables for layouts.

I know Word inside and out, but
because I generally am teaching college students, most of whom can barely spell these days, never mind care about accessibility (and yes I've tried to push and include more of this every semester, but I"m not in charge), I'm not even overly familiar with what can be done. I know and have always said the best thing you can do is plan ahead on your layouts, colors, etc. I know about the headings and hierarchies, I know about tags for photos, etc. My expertise is web design.

Any suggestions or resources you know of (I have already download the WebAIM documents), please suggest away.


Sharon Terzian
Webmistress/Sherlock Center @ RIC
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