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Re: Any official clarification on Text-only zoom and RWD?


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Feb 25, 2016 11:14AM

Guy Hickling wrote:

> The point I am making is that it *is* possible to make a website that is
> accessible right up to the WCAG's
> 200% zoom,*and way beyond*,

That was not in question. There are several methods, the easiest these days
is using responsive webdesign (RWD).

As it stands every site actually passes WCAG on this because zoom is
ubiquitous, and horizontal scrolling is not a fail (although quite a few of
us think it should be, or at least it needs tightening up in some way).

The question is about text-sizing and whether there is a requirement for
that given RWD.

Take my personal site as an example:

Great when you zoom, not so good when you increase the text size a lot, at
least on the homepage. Please note I put the layout of the site together in
a couple of evening to practice with flexbox, so I won't be insulted by
anyone pointing out shortcomings!

I think it is fairly typical of the techniques in use though, and dealing
with text-sizing in the way some people are used to historically is
difficult to combine with RWD.