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Special Characters


From: Holly Marie
Date: Aug 21, 2001 8:54PM

A situation came up where I had a company name with the small Trademark
"TM" following it.
however in NN4.78 the special character code name - & trade ; - did
not work and the character code showed on the page
I have been given some ideas and recall other ways to work this.
use the numeric character codes-- "& #153 ;" or "& #8482 ;"
or use html...
Company <small > < sup >TM < /sup > < /small >
etc. I suppose I could toss a title="trademark" or alt="trademark" in
the sup tag?
or make a small image gif with alt="trademark" in it too.
Do screen readers support and read special character sets or code?
And if they do read these codes, do they translate a copy symbol code to
copyright, and trade to trademark or the number coding to the
appropriate full symbol?
Which would be the best way to display and code for these items? My
thinking is that without an alt or title attribute around the letters -
TM, - will end up sounding like - T and M - and may not be clear into

Is unicode supported by all readers or most? what about math symbols for
squared and cubed and also fractions and other math symbols?