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Colorblindness: Colour Picker and Tester


From: Holly Marie
Date: Apr 29, 2003 5:37PM

Text color vs background color.

this is interesting. I am not sure how accurate this is[it asks for
feedback from color blind testers] But one can Check color combos for 3
types at one time, and the difference between a display using thousands
of colors versus a display only capable of 256 colors.

[quoted] Browser note: On a Mac, this page works in Opera 5+, MSIE 4+
and Netscape 6.0 (if a little flakily) but not Netscape 4.7. Any other
browser feedback gratefully received.[end quoted]

It also gives a difference in Brightness Value percentage.
It gives a contrast value percentage.
And it gives a difference in total RGB value by percentage.


Color Tester


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