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Re: Header tag


From: James Gagnier
Date: Apr 29, 2003 5:53PM

MessageHi Julian:

Often the header tag is used by Jaws users to quickly access the pages headers. If the headers are coded appropriately, IE: h1 page header, h2 sub header h3 a sub header of h2 and so on, a user can quickly access the header tags to get a feel for the page and quickly access the section which is of interest.


h1 page title
h2 chapter 1
h3 section 1
h3 section 2
h2 chapter 2
h3 section 1
h4 sub-section 1

Headers offer logical structure in documents that can actually be perceived by users who access the page not only through sight but through sound as well.


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From: Julian Orr
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 8:24 PM
Subject: Header tag

I watched the video of a a screen reader user and noticed that they were prone to use the "header tag query" action in JAWS. I was familiar with the frame list and link list in JAWs, but not this. I am wondering if there are any JAWS users who can tell me if, when and how they use the list "headers" to use web pages and web applications.

My reason is that in our web application the page alway