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RE: Header tag


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Apr 30, 2003 6:12AM

On a related note, does anyone know why automated checkers such as Bobby
fail a page when headers aren't in strict assending order?

I understand why heading tags should start with H1, followed by H2 then
H3 for page title, section and subsection. What I don't understand is
why you cannot start a new sub section, going from an subsection to a
new section (e.g. H4 to H2).

James' example was:
h1 page title
h2 chapter 1
h3 section 1
h3 section 2
h2 chapter 2
h3 section 1
h4 sub-section 1

Bobby would fail this for the H2 following an H3. Is there a reason for
this, or is it a slight bug in the check?


-Alastair Campbell

James Gagnier wrote:
> Often the header tag is used by Jaws users to quickly access the pages
> headers. If the headers are coded appropriately, IE: h1 page
> header, h2
> sub header h3 a sub header of h2 and so on, a user can quickly access
> the header tags to get a feel for the page and quickly access the
> section which is of interest.

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