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Accessible Ed-Tech Tools


From: Prickett, Elizabeth
Date: Mar 29, 2016 3:36PM

Good afternoon!

I share an office with our Instructional Technology Specialist, and we've been getting a lot of questions from faculty who teach online. They're wanting educational technology tools that provide/support more interactivity, multimedia, games, etc. which are also free/inexpensive and look appealing. (No small order there! *smile*) We do not want to promote any tools that are not accessible. The other specialist and I have been compiling a list of technologies that range from definitely not accessible to somewhat accessible, but we're not coming across many which offer full accessibility.

She's willing to help instructors build interactive elements accessibly in our LMS, but those will definitely have limitations and not look as appealing. We've offered training on SoftChalk but few faculty have been interested and we have limited licenses available. Office Mix appears to be making a good effort in accessibility, but we've not developed training in that yet.

Have you discovered any tools you would recommend?

Liz Prickett
Alternative Media Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence (CAPE)
Victoria College
2200 E. Red River Street
Victoria, TX 77901
(361) 573-3291, ext. 3243