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Accessible Mega Menu and Safari


From: Robert Fentress
Date: Mar 30, 2016 9:18AM

Hi, all.

I've just noticed a problem with the way Adobe's Accessible Mega Menu (
https://adobe-accessibility.github.io/Accessible-Mega-Menu/) works with
Safari and VoiceOver. Basically, when you activate a menu with
Control+Option+Space the menu appears, but when you then press
Control+Option+Right Arrow to have VO voice the text in the menu, the menu
collapses. It only stays open if you tab into the revealed contents.
This, of course, kinda defeats one of the points of this pattern, in that
it means that you really only have access to the menu options, not the
other structured content. In that case, you might as well just make it a
more standard menu.

I could have sworn I'd tested this before and it had worked. Do you know
if anything has changed in recent updates to Safari or VoiceOver that would
have affected this, or did I just miss it previously?

On a related note, if you are stuck with this basic turducken mega menu
pattern, is there an implementation that works better than Adobe's? If I
could convince the people I'm making recommendations to to deviate slightly
from the strict mega menu pattern, would a mega modal be better and, if so,
do you know of some particularly good implementations?


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