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Re: Header tag


From: Lori K. Brown
Date: Apr 30, 2003 3:27PM

My assumption, reading J. Foliot's lucid example, is that there is STUFF,
that is to say, paragraphs and things, following each of the headings. So,
no, Simon, it's not a list.

My reading is: John is right, and Simon, you are bending over backwards to
defend an illogical and indefensible interpretation of the standards.
Separate pages for each? That is simply bananas. If they were trying to
make me roll my eyes and give up on validation, this goes a long way
toward success.

Any architecture that requires us to break things up into arbitrary tiny
pieces is just crazy talk. And here I was congratulating myself for
stripping tables out of old files and starting to use header tags to
enforce a little semantic structure into my work. And then I read this?
Stuff like this is why so many folks run screaming away from any effort to
follow the standards.

</end of rant>

Lori K. Brown
User Interface Engineer
SiteScape, Inc.

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